Unforgivable (Immortal Redeemer Book 1)
J Hali Steele
Paranormal romance
Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-77130-661-4
December 2013

Nola Lester has had enough of life in the fast lane and has decided to move to the home her grandmother left her. Late one night, she comes across a poacher leaning over an animal caught in an illegal trap. Holding a gun on him made her feel safe until she accidentally shoots him and brings him home to care for him. All Rand Mitchell wanted was some peace and quiet to relax in. Instead he finds himself drawn to a spitfire out to save the wildlife which, surprisingly, so was he, when she shot him. Now recuperating in her home he finds he is irresistibly drawn to her, but must leave before she begins asking questions. Like how is the gunshot from the night before all but healed the next morning? Then stranger things begin to happen that center around them both and scared, Nola runs.

Both our hero and heroine are strong forceful personalities in search of their connections to the past. They are well-rounded and make you feel their pain and passion — and there is a lot of passion to go around. If you have ever felt conflicted in a relationship, then you can understand the desire to both run from and embrace a desire that burns so hot you are afraid it will consume you completely. I hope you find Unforgivable as entertaining and as addictive as I did. Look for the next book in the Immortal series which takes up where this novella leaves off.

Overall rating: 4hearts

Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: DelAnne