The Fighter’s Girl (The Fighters of Absinthe Series, book 1)
Jenika Snow
Contemporary romance
Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77130-635-5
November 2013

Cage fighter Brock Larson is used to taking what he wants. He wants his roommate, Izzy Castle, and he isn’t about to let anything get his in way of claiming her. But Izzy isn’t complaining if the Brock wants to get busy between the sheets. She’s up for the challenge, just hopefully her heart can withstand him walking away. Izzy knows that there is no way Brock is looking for anything other than a night of harmless sex. Or is he?

Once again the poignant pen of author Jenika Snow gives readers a treat, seemingly tapping into their deepest and darkest fantasies, creating an absolutely delightful story to savor. Throughout the story, there seems to be a raw sensuality to Ms. Snow’s writing that is conveyed honestly and uninhibitedly through the hero and heroines’ actions that actually seem to send a chill to the reader. With The Fighter’s Girl being the first book in this exciting new series, the author superbly paces the storyline as well as the relationship between Brock and Izzy, giving the reader not only a look at what’s ahead for this series but it also portrays connection between the hero and heroine realistically.

Bad boy heroes don’t come any better than Brock Larson! This drool worthy bad boy trains hard, fights tougher, plays rough and loves like there is no tomorrow. Lucky Izzy! Brock is a sexy and dangerous alpha hero who might not be a fairytale Prince Charming but there is something irresistible about him that captures the reader’s heart. Like with all of the author’s stories the heroine, Izzy is portrayed like a real woman, one with curves, charm, insecurities and gumption. When these two lovers come together the sparks ignite and the passion seems to set the pages ablaze. The sex is uninhibited — smoking hot and seductively passionate between Izzy and Brock but there is also an emotional depth between them that adds to the loving creating a connection that is solid and lasting.

The Fighter’s Girl is one story that is next to impossible to put down! Once you start reading don’t plan on doing anything else!

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon