More Bark Than Bite
Melissa Hosack
Paranormal romance
Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77130-604-1
November 2013

In order to save her job, Morgan has to deliver a great story to the newspaper. When she finds out her cop friend, Graham, has an inside scoop to the local murders in town, she has to get her hands on the details. Can Morgan get her hands on the story without risking their friendship and possibly more between them?

The local murders were not done by any normal means so Graham tries to use his abilities to weed out the perpetrators. Being this close to the action gives Morgan a chance to shine as a reporter. More Bark Than Bite has the elements of a good paranormal story. Although Graham may not be a strong character, he looks out for Morgan and tries to keep her safe. Their relationship develops when she unexpectedly finds truths about him, which they begin to work out together.

I like the character of Morgan because she is genuine and understanding of Graham. Given her unusual circumstances, she does what she can to overcome them. It’s good to see the author put two characters together as they work out their differences and still be able to have hot sex. When stories of vampires and werewolves are so overdone, Melissa Hosack takes a fresher approach.

Overall rating: 2hearts
Sensuality rating: Very sensual
Reviewer: Catherine Anderson