Danni Price
Paranormal romance
Changeling Press
ISBN: 06689-02152
November 2013

With her abilities as a medium, Virginia was called upon to use her services by a friend, Jake, who she always had the hots for. When she found out the help was to release his friend Quinn from a sexual limbo so he could move on, she didn’t know if she was the right person for the job. Getting closer to Jake was the only thing she was looking forward to.

To have a man, a woman and a ghost in a sexual embrace was a very hot threesome combination. The characters seemed true to life and lovable. Virginia was doing all she could to free Quinn and help him move on into the afterlife, while having the opportunity to live a sexual fantasy being with two hot men. The main character to me was Virginia and I liked how she took on the strong role as advisor, lover and friend to both Jake and Quinn.

The setting was a contemporary hotel room for the weekend. The author used good dialogue and great characters to provide a great story. I loved how the story flowed together and how Virginia gave her all to help them, while having delicious fun in the process. This paranormal romance seems to be a woman’s dream of the ultimate sharing experience.

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Catherine Anderson