Black Ghost Runner
M. Garnet
Paranormal romance
Extasy Books
ISBN # 978-1-77111-750-0
December 2013

This story begins with the prologue where Beth is in Chicago and she’s running from a ‘ghost’ who always seems to find her. When the story itself begins, Beth is working in an animal clinic, after hours of course, with a partner named Reggie, doing an audit. Reggie apparently has allergies and does nothing but complain. Reggie decides to go out to pick up allergy meds or an inhaler or something. Reggie has issues. He leaves and Beth continues to work until she hears banging on the door. Thinking it’s Reggie, she’s surprised when it’s a bleeding man looking for the vet medications. Oh boy! And so the tale begins. She assists this man, a little because he’s forcing her to and a little because she can see he’s hurt and wants to help. She helps him, he leaves the vet but also leave quite a cluster of problems. She calls the cops saying there was a break-in, etc., and they examine everything and question her. They don’t really believe her and eventually her company fires her.

Beth has a new job, bookkeeping, when the ‘ghost’ takes her from a bar at gun point. Our ghost needs money and he has a plan for her to assist him with. Allegedly nothing he is doing in this plan is illegal, but still. Then we actually have some smexy time… but then he manages to freak her out by telling her he’s a shifter. Beth sells most of her things, gets on a bus and heads West. There she gets another identity, Sally, and another job at a Tour Company where her new boss takes people out hunting or fishing. During a week off, she borrows a truck and goes to the nearby Indian reservation to see if any of the elders will speak with her about shape-shifters. After all of that, one of the tour groups talked about seeing a large black cat that must have escaped from somewhere! Yes, our girl starts to almost panic since she’s pretty sure that cat is her ‘ghost’, so she runs. At a truck stop, she sees him, and he telepathically speaks to her. Our ghost is Noble and he takes her all the way to some little town in Montana and stops at an a-frame house. There he takes her inside and hands her a new identity, history, money and gives her instructions to burn the evidence. She does manage to seduce him before he disappears again though.

Oh, yeah. Apparently there’s some rich dude in Europe who is hunting Noble, and through connection, Beth as well. Okay, I have to say the beginning of the story was good, but the problems in general were all silly mistakes. While they didn’t throw me completely off, the combination of them all annoyed the heck out of me. Noble was definitely an alpha, but he is pretty obsessed with our girl. With him, she’s ‘Beth’ not any of the new identities she picked up through the book. Maybe my problem is that Beth as whatever her new identity is starts a new life, which she and I are okay with, but then suddenly the next page she’s someone else in another life and there is no real transition to the story. The second half of this story is as gripping as the prologue hinted the story would be. There are car chases. Government men chasing her. Hunters chasing them. Shape-shifters fighting each other and the people after them in general. And car crashes. The bones of this story are good, I just wish it had been fleshed out more smoothly.

Overall rating: 3hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.