Wolf’s Oath
Maddy Barone
Paranormal romance
ISBN: 9781301563296
E-Book ASIN: B00G09YL3C
October 2013

Connie Mondale has found herself flung fifty years into the future. A future in which there is no electricity and there are over two hundred men for every female. Some might find that a Utopia, but the down side makes it a nightmare for most. Females are often abducted and sold off. In Kearney, they are often given as a prize to the winner of a no holds barred fight called a Bride Fight. Connie and many of the thirty one surviving women from the plane they were traveling on took off in 2014 and crashed in 2064. Terrorists released nukes and a plague, called the “woman killer” for a reason, that killed nearly all the females. The few that survived rarely give birth to female children.

They are rescued by and cared for by the Lakotas. With the changes brought about with time, one of the major ones is that the Lakotas live a pack life for a reason. Many are born with a wolf inside them such as Des Wolfe, the beta of Taye Wolfe’s pack. When two of the women are accosted by two men who believes the house is a brothel, Connie is told that with the New Year the protection for the Plane Women’s House would be removed and husbands would be found for all them. She is devastated and tells Des. Des who has loved Connie since he first saw her and his wolf claimed her their mate offers Connie an alternative. Marry him and he will start another Lakota wolf den with him as alpha and she as luna. With the addition of some of his pack mates, they will keep the women safe. Already drawn to Des, Connie accepts. What follows will keep you up until you read “The End.”

This is one of a series, but does very well as a stand alone book. It follows Wolf Tracker and preceeds Sherry’s Wolf. I recommend reading them all from start because the series is that good and Maddy Barone’s writing style is such a pleasure to read. I started the book knowing that sleep would have to be put on hold and do not regret it at all. The only bad thing about the book is that it ended at all. I would not want to live in such a time, but I must admit I would not mind finding my own Des. Pick up a copy for yourself.

Overall Rating: 4hearts
Sensuality Rating: Explicit
Reviewer: DelAnne