Jaguar Secrets
Khloe Wren
Paranormal romance
Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77130-672-0
December 2013

Cammi found a kitten cowering under a jetty while out jogging on morning. She herself managed to wedge herself between two rocks while rescuing the kitten. Luca Jag manages to extract her and the kitten by moving one of the large rocks. Cammi falls unconscious when the kitten jumps from her arms to the ground and transforms into a young boy. Luca takes his mate, Cammie, and Rogue, his little brother, to his family’s home. After explaining to his father what happened and that Cammi fainted when Rogue shifted, he takes Cammi up to his apartment. Upon entering, his roommate Nate Claw tenses and asks what Luca is doing holding his unconscious, injured mate. They are in a standoff when Luca’s father explains that he and Luca’s mother expected this. Luca and Nate are both mated to Cammi. It is up to Luca and Nate to explain it to Cammi and she must accept them.

This is hard when her roommate, Tim, has had a bad experience with the shifters years before. Tim is willing to do anything to keep Cammi out of the hands of the shifters. Cammi will have to accept a new reality for what she know knows and has seen. Can she come to trust these two men who say they love her? Will Tim convince her that all shifters are dangerous? Will she run to love or away from it?

This is a very cute story to read. Jaguar Secrets starts with a very conceivable scenario and you feel drawn in to see what will happen between these three and how outside forces influence them. The dangers they face and how they react will make you want to get to know the more. You will come to adore Rogue as he will remind you of the mischievous children in your own life, not to mention wishing you had a Luca or Nate in your life as well. If you do, hold them tight they are a rare find. Happy reading and pick up a copy for yourself today!

Overall Rating: 4hearts
Sensual Level: Explicit
Reviewer: DelAnne