Vivien Dean
Paranormal romance
Amber Quill Press
ISBN: 978-1-61124-541-7
January 2014

We begin this story with Denny Patton in the passenger seat of a van being driven by his older brother Corey. Denny’s a San Francisco policeman and Corey is a lawyer working for the city. Both men are good and care about others, but keep their jobs so no one can trace their side work to them. By side work I mean the reason they are in the van. Corey tries to keep his ears open for clues as to where werewolves are being held captive. You see, being a werewolf isn’t illegal really, but it is a huge problem since most people are afraid. And as we all know, fear makes people do things which aren’t always morally correct but they always feel they are right. The brothers are heading to a house, maybe it’s a compound, where there are werewolves being held against their will. Corey has an inside woman waiting for them and they begin to remove the shifted prisoners. The last one had been fighting people there all day and the woman was too cautious to go to him. Denny went into where he was and after calmly speaking to him, while seeing all the bruises, injuries, matted hair, etc., the man looked up and Denny recognized Elijah Garber! Elijah was a childhood friend, a teen love, and the man who Denny had been madly in love with forever. Elijah had disappeared one day, eight years before, never to be found again. Until now.

Corey and the group he works with to do these things had a ‘safe house’ ready, clothes and even a doctor ready to assist. Denny refused to leave Elijah and he was determined to make sure nothing like this happened to his love again. Of course, he also wanted to know what happened, but figured that could wait. Elijah had been held by those people for almost the entire time he been gone. The poor wolf had bruising, burn marks on his back that those people had poured silver into and he was skin and bones practically. Corey was smart enough to make Denny go into another room for Elijah’s debriefing, then he told them to go home to Denny’s place. Wow! This was quite emotional for the two of them since before he disappeared the two of them had been planning on living together. Denny still had some artwork up that Elijah had chosen. Elijah still needed some healing time as his back was all bandaged up, but the two of them did manage to have slightly careful reunion sex. Yes, I’m smiling.

Ms. Dean has truly given us a wonderful story. I cared deeply for all the characters she gave us, even the ones that I feel should be beaten with wet noodles regularly for what they did. Okay, I have a bloodier version of that but I’m trying to keep this peaceful. There are rescues, violence, wolves out for blood and definitely smexy time. I really enjoyed this story, and loved Denny and Elijah together. The reason I didn’t rate this higher is because, the day after I finished it, I was thinking about how Elijah was taken, how Corey was working on his secret missions and even about the rescued wolves. It makes me wonder if Ms. Dean and Amber Quill Press will publish more from this universe she created. This story is so edge-of-your-seat exciting! I didn’t put my Kindle down once!

Overall rating: 412hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.