Awakening Veronica
Heather Rainier
ISBN: 978-1-62741-102-8
December 2013

Having been bullied all of her life, Veronica now prefers to retreat into her writing. When she agrees to visit Grandma Kate, what she thinks will be a research trip turns into so much more. Instead of watching from the sidelines and asking questions about menage relationships and BDSM, she finds herself living it with two amazing men. But this is only supposed to be a temporary trip. Travis McDanial is back in Divine trying to figure out his life after the disillusionment of life in Washington DC, when he and his best friend Hank Stinson spot Veronica and feel an immediate pulls to love and protect her. Hank has put his personal desires aside to keep his elected position as Desire’s sheriff but having his friend Travis back at the same time they meet Veronica brings his desire for a menage relationship to the forefront and he finds that keeping Veronica safe from her bullies may be what he’s been looking for all his life. Now they just need to convince Veronica that she really is all they want and desire, just the way she is.

I really enjoyed this book! The chemistry between Veronica, Travis and Hank is off the charts hot and a joy to read with just the right amount of BDSM, at least in this book, for me. I also really enjoyed that she had time with each of them alone. That was sweet but also just as hot! Plus there were story surprises that just made the book that much more enjoyable and enhanced the story between the three of them. Lucky for us you get a chance to really know these characters and watching their relationship grow. I also love how we get to watch Veronica blossom with her men. It’s not a magic fix for her issues like in some books but a much more realistic confidence in herself she finds with their support.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Amy Hopkins