True (New Species Series, Book 11)
Laurann Dohner
Paranormal romance
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419939754
November 2013

Jeanie Shiver is willing to pay any price including pain, heartache, and danger in order to keep New Species, True from being killed. She has made it her mission in life to save and free other New Species that are suffering at the hands evil even if the cost is her own life.

Fatally wounded during a raid, Jeanie is taken into New Species custody where she comes across True who believes she betrayed him and that she must pay for her crimes against the New Species. All it takes is a touch of their hands and True finds himself once again irresistibly drawn to the human and he will fight the NSO and anyone else who gets in his way to protect her from the threat of danger.

It just seems like only yesterday and author Laurann Dohner was introducing her readers to Fury and plight of the New Species and now eleven books into this wildly popular series the author continues to entertain by creating the unique and fascinating read that fans adore all the while craving more. Every action packed and thrilling story is daring, dangerous and delightful, keeping the reader on edge.

With each story in the New Species series, it takes a passionate and strong woman to claim her mate heart and soul and Jeanie fits that description perfectly. She is caring, determined and impassioned heroine who has made it her life’s mission to save not only True but all New Species while making their lives in captivity a little brighter. Even though there is quite a lot of confusion, misconception and secrets with Jeanie’s story as to how she became embroiled in the latest raid on one of the laboratories, where she not only saves all the New Species lives but finds herself a captive of the NSO herself. It is touching to see how each New Species she runs into really cares about her and considers her a friend even a potential mate by the males but True isn’t about to let anyone claim her. True is a alpha hero who is dominant, dangerous, charming and irresistible. When these two people finally mate the reader is in for a reading treat as page after page of passion, sensuality and romance between True and Jeanie delight. Readers of this series will enjoy past characters from this series to make an appearance along with a few new characters to whet the appetite for more in this series. Ms. Dohner’s writing style forces the reader to see, hear and feel every emotion between Jeanie and True with each scene.

No matter what genre author Laurann Dohner is writing in she shines.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Sensual
Reviewer: Shannon