John Inman
Contemporary romance
Dreamspinner Press
December 2013

Paulie Banks lives with his dog Hammer in a big, sprawling mansion overlooking the ocean. With a recent big change in his life, he really feels the need for some fun. He plans a two week reunion with three of his life-long friends. Paulie hasn’t seen the guys in awhile so he looks forward to reconnecting with Trevor, Jamie and particularly Ben. Ben was his best friend, the only straight one in their group. He’s harbored a crush on him but never acted on it until that one fateful drunken night years ago. That episode put a strain on the friendship and they drifted apart. Surprised when Ben accepts his invitation, he enthusiastically arranges a nice reunion, including a sexy houseboy. Paulie is determined to have a good time with old friends and hopefully he and Ben can get back what was lost.

A well-written story with lots of witty humor, pleasing characters and a good working premise. It suggests an engaging read and for the most part, I was happily engaged. I enjoyed the beginning when the story centered on Paulie. His voice was strong in capturing my attention, giving me a chance to get to know him better. He’s adorable, definitely the main ingredient here. His crazy friends bring the humor and are certainly good for a
laugh or two. Ben doesn’t enter the picture right away but unfortunately, when he does, I lost some of my enthusiasm. I totally did not connect with his character nor did I believe these two men were into each other. I personally would have loved to see Paulie and Jeffrey the houseboy get it on. They definitely sizzled in their scenes together as opposed to the lackluster pairing with Ben. Still, on the whole, it was a fun read.

Overall rating:312hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Beverly