Once Upon a Tiger
Kat Simons
Paranormal romance
T&D Publishing
ISBN: 9781311496140
December 2013

Our story begins with Alexis Tarasova on her porch, in a rage because she could sense six uninvited tigers on her property. This is an issue because first of all, Alexis is a female, shape-shifter tiger. She works for the equivalent of the tiger government run by tiger elders as a tracker and an enforcer. Basically, she’s the woman you don’t want hunting you down if you are breaking tiger law. Second, in an agreement with said elders, she is the only female who is not forced to go on a Mate Run. Basically, since they are dying out as a species, laws had been passed saying women had to go on these runs and basically mate with whomever catches her until she’s pregnant. Third, there is only one man she’s interested in and she can’t have him! That man, Victor Romanov, is a tiger shifter as well. She can’t have him because of a freak not really, accident from his childhood where his vocal cords were damaged enough he can no longer make any sounds. Oh, last, she’s about to be, or is, in heat and she refuses to run from these men. I love that about her.

Five tigers shift and try to convince her she has to do the Mate Run. She’s more than ready to fight them all, but suddenly the sixth tiger appears and he is there to fight with her! That tiger is Victor, and it’s all she can do to not get on him and mate him then and there. The five tigers exit stage left, so to speak, leaving Alex and Victor. Alex is still angry as all get out about those men trying to force her on the Mate Run. Victor was sent to help her by one of the tiger elders who happens to be her sponsor. Victor has been in love with her for many years, but has had to hide it because of being mute. The two of them are so great doing their flirting, careful ‘dancing’ around each other since neither knows how the other feels. They do, however, know the tigers will be back to try to force her again.

I have to say, writing this review without adding emoticons has been a challenge. There was great eye rolling, some wide-eyed surprise, a little bit of frowning and, as usual, a lot of smirking. Ms. Simons gave us a rocking read! I didn’t put my Kindle down until I finished the story! This is the first book in the Once Upon a Tiger Series, and I enjoyed it immensely. Alex is a great heroine, I love that she has a strong character and is honorable to the very end. Victor was pretty cool himself, and the couple was just awesome together. I love how they are both willing to fight to be together and how they are crazy in love. I really want to read the next book of this series to see how Ms. Simons grows this universe.

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Very Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.