Claimed by the Beast
Natasha Knight
Stormy Night Publications
December 2013

All right, this story sort of begins after the first book ended. Marcus, Elijah’s younger brother was rescued after eight years of captivity and reunited enough with Rachel for him to say hi, bye and see ya! Poor Rachel. She never forgot him and was always hoping he was alive. So now it’s been a year since he took off and she is hanging out with the ‘bad’ crowd, drinking, smoking pot and basically not taking care of herself. She calls Kayla in the middle of the night, when it’s snowing and Elijah isn’t home, asking her to come to the hospital and pick her up. Kayla agrees and packs up their baby and picks up Rachel. Of course, by the time she and the baby get home is just seconds before Elijah pulls into the driveway. After ascertaining his girls are okay, he gets the full story from Kayla. There is discipline involved (after the baby is asleep) and everything is good. He goes to Rachel’s first thing in the morning and decides since his brother isn’t there to do it, he will just discipline Rachel himself. Apparently I am now channeling my mother because not only was I completely put off by this scene I felt it was unnecessary.

Now, there a scientist guy, his name is Lance, who apparently worked with the villains from the first book. He’s trying to cure his Parkinson’s Disease and thinks shifters are the key. Lance is the third villain from the series, but the first in this story. He injects himself with something made from the samples villain two got him from one of the shifters. He makes himself feel better about it by telling himself he would never hold anyone prisoner, and he didn’t have anything to do with what villains one and two did. He is a hero because he’s trying to cure a disease. Really. Now, Marcus is having sex every night with a different prostitute in New Orleans, not shifting so he won’t hear Rachel and Elijah in his head. The samples Lance uses were either from Marcus or the other brother who was killed in the first book. The serum is able to change a few things, his vision, smell, hearing and the need to eat raw beef…he also initially has a hard time remembering what happened and where he is. He does manage to find Rachel though and kidnaps her.

Now, Marcus and Elijah know something is terribly wrong, specifically with Rachel, and are desperately trying to find her. Lance is trying to examine her and is threatening to take her eggs so he can finish his research and the serum. The person and lab he is working for is coming for him and the serum. Basically, the search, rescue, chase, fights, another chase and rescue are quite gripping. I wish they had been the true story without all the gratuitous spankings and humiliations. You know, if you’re into that lifestyle, it’s not that big a deal. However, she’s not, and regardless of the fact this is labeled as a BDSM book, I found many of the scenes completely inappropriate. As I continued reading, all I could think was, ‘I’d like this a lot more if Elijah and Kayla weren’t so prominently in the first half’.

Overall rating: 3hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.