An Officer and Two Gentlemen
Missy Martine
Paranormal romance
ISBN: 978-1-62740-984-1
December 2013

This is the second book in Ms. Martine’s The Wind River Pack Series. Yes, I did read the first book, Blind Acceptance, and I do suggest reading it first. We actually meet most of the Pack in her previous series, A Wolfen Heritage.

This story begins with alpha Remus having called a meeting with a few pack members about a mission. In the first book, a Canadian pack had sent reports to the main Shifter Council about having pups missing. So the council leader sent Zander Temple to discuss it with them. He then asks the Alpha for a ‘favor’. It turns out, an old friend of the councilmember is a human police officer. That man has two children, Raymond and Katherine who are both in the New York Police Department. His daughter was in an undercover investigation of some mafia types and was shot when things went south. Nevertheless, Kati’s decided to go to Tennessee and hide out in the middle of nowhere with very few people knowing where she is. So Alpha Remus assigns Synia Wind River, adopted wolf shifter, and Kinnith Kowana, a falcon shifter who might as well be adopted too. Synia, who thinks this trip to Tennessee is a waste, is at least happy because it means alone time with his mate Kinnith.

Kati’s father calls her on the day her ‘bodyguards’ are supposed to arrive to let her know. Kati is a tad displeased about this since she feels she can take care of herself with Fluffy and all the traps she has set in the woods leading up to her cabin. The boys meet with Sheriff Phillips to let him know they’ve arrived. He is, of course, quite a stereotype of a small town, Southern sheriff. They get to the cabin after triggering one of the traps (on purpose) and meet Fluffy, a real coyote. They do eventually meet our girl Kati who grudgingly allows them in. The second Synia smells her, he just knows she is their third. As in mate. Kinnith, as a falcon doesn’t have as strong a sense of smell as Synia, but he too is very attracted to Kati. She, on the other hand, thinks they’re both hot, but together in a gay relationship. Now, while they are getting to know each other and the boys are trying to figure out how to tell her she’s their mate while protecting her. Tony Lawrence, the younger brother of the mafia guy she killed is on his way to her town to kill her. He has a few thugs with him who he thinks are taking his orders. Nope, they are taking his father’s orders and only answer to him.

All right, I have to say, when they finally connect with Kati, and I mean in a smexy way, the three of them were pretty darn explosive. I was almost, but not quite, as frustrated with Kinnith as Synia was since Kinnith didn’t want anyone to know the two of them were mates. Kati did eventually help smooth their relationship. This is quite a story, with adventure, suspense, violence, sex and plenty of shape-shifters of different species. I usually complain that stories are too short for me, but in this case, I feel that An Officer and Two Gentlemen is a tad too long. Ms. Martine gave us some very intense and scary characters and I really was on the edge of my seat for the last third of the book. I laughed my head off towards the end when Kati’s brother met a shape-shifter cat and was horrified! I’m not sure who will be in book three of this series, but at the very least I really want to know what happens with him. I look forward to the next story!

Overall rating: 312hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.