Promises of Mercy
Vella Day
Contemporary romance
Erotic Reads Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9899759-0-2
November 2013

Amber Delacroix was not prepared for the downward spiral her life was taking. There was her cancer patient that died before her time leaving her a suspect. Then her younger brother, Chris, is left paralyzed from a motorcycle accident. Just a few days later he too dies shortly after Amber had been to see him. An autopsy shows he was murdered. Are the deaths connected? Detective Cade Carter is sure they are and that the connection is oncology nurse Amber Delacroix. Unfortunately, his roommate Stone Benson, a paramedic for the Rock Hard Fire Department, was a first responder at Chris’ accident and has been there with Amber to help her with his diagnosis and his death. He knows Amber could not harm anyone.

When a third death occurs while Amber is with both Cade and Stone, he is forced to finally let go of his final doubts about Amber. As the romance between the three heats up, the mercy killings take more and more of Cade’s attention. As Cade closes in on the killer another victim is chosen. When Amber is in the killer’s sights can her two men save her?

This is a fast-paced book with both romance and mystery suspense mixed together to make a story you will read again and again. Vella Day does not let me down when it comes to setting the scene in such a way that I can not imagine myself sharing it with the characters. This may be the first is her new series, but I sincerely hope it is not the last. There were some characters that I look forward to hear more of in the future. Do not feel bad at the words The End because Ms. Day will not leave you hanging forever. While you are waiting for book two check out her Pack Wars series about werewolves, both good and bad and the organization called Pack that polices.

Overall Rating: 4hearts
Sensual rating: Explicit
Reviewer: DelAnne