Maizy the Bear Charmer
Heather Rainier
Contemporary romance
Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-62740-868-4
November 2013

Cody Welsh, Heath Lindsey, and Spencer Ketchum have been looking for the belly dancer that stole their hearts nearly a year before. She disappeared just after her dance and they do not even know exactly what she looks like or her name, but they plan for a future with her by buying a house and decorating it with her in mind. Maizy Owen loves to dance, but has hidden her costume at the back of her closet since that night at the Dancing Pony when her fiance berated her for belly dancing in public and embarrassing herself and him. Shortly there after he broke her heart because of her brother’s life’s choices and how they cold hinder him in his career choices.

As a kindergarten teacher, Maizy has made herself hide her free side, yet it sneaks out as she waits in line at the coffee shop and she allows herself to feel and move with the music in what she feels is a circumspect way. The tiny little wiggles catch the eye of Spencer and he and his foster brothers sip their coffee before beginning their day. When Heath and Cody check out what he is looking at Heath announces she is the dancer they have been looking for. The others look closer and agree. Now how do they convince her, with out scaring her off, to give them a chance?

This play on Goldilocks and the three bears was a wonderful read. I continually reread parts just to be sure it was really as great as I thought. The book is a continuation of the Divine Creek Ranch Series by Heather Rainier, but is easily a stand alone novel. I enjoyed the characters Ms. Rainier has brought to life in her story. You can easily empathize with them and understand their caution for going public with their relationship as they try to protect Maizy. You will laugh with them, cry with them and feel their anger and the fates that try to tear them apart. The question remains of Do they succeed? What will the Bears and Maizy do if they have to part? If this is book sixteen, I guess I will be adding fifteen books to my must get soon list. Pick up this delightful story today and stay warm as you read it tonight. Maizy the Bear Charmer is definitely a keeper.

Overall Rating: 5hearts
Sensual Level: Explicit
Reviewer: Delanne