Bound and Determined
Shayla Black
Berkley Publishing
ISBN- 978-0-425-26821-6
October 2013

When her brother is wrongfully accused of embezzling millions, Kerry Sullivan will do anything to prove his innocence and save him from prison — even kidnap Rafael Dawson, the top security expert in the country. Too bad she didn’t think her kidnapping plan out a little better since it doesn’t take long for the kidnapped to become the kidnapper and now Kerry is at the mercy of a very sexy and determined man with seduction on his agenda.

Her dangerous thoughts could get her in trouble as Kerry mind runs rampant with the things she would love to do while she has Rafael tied up and at her mercy. The man is sex personified but she has to remember that her brother’s life hangs in the balance. Rafael agrees to help Kerry but his help comes with price — her body and her submission to his seductive desires.

Fan favorite Shayla Black offers up a seductive concoction filled with choice amounts of danger, passion and betrayal that require no preliminaries, the reader just needs to fasten their seatbelt and hold on tight. Simply irresistible, Bound and Determined features characters that are sharp, compelling and satisfying, dialogue that flows smoothly and the love scenes with touches of BDSM are hot and sexy with chemistry between the hero and heroine that sizzles.

The author’s characters utterly capture the reader’s heart with their charm, wit and emotions. Kerry’s vulnerability allows readers to empathize with her and the tenacity and the lengths that she will go to in order to save her brother are truly inspiring. She has a heart of gold, her poignant emotions are believable and her untapped desires add to the erotic pleasure of the story as she willingly gives her body, soul and reluctantly her heart to a man who can master her passion. By bringing both Rafael and Kerry’s past to light the reader has a better understanding and a realistic image of how past issues and family have shaped them into the people they currently are. Rafael is an arrogant and driven man who has goals and motivation that he is determined to let nothing stand in his way to achieve them. But being with Kerry and seeing her devotion to her brother makes him start second guessing his life and just how empty it really is when he has no one to share it with. The relationship between Kerry and Rafael is sexy, sweet and erotic as they navigate their way through their attraction.

Bound and Determined has an engrossing beginning and a surprisingly heart-stopping climax that is sure to have readers sorry to see it end. Simply stunning!

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon