Lifting Tail for the Alpha
Jenika Snow
Paranormal romance
Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77130-682-9
December 2013

Never feeling like he belongs, Xavier has felt alone and alienated within his pack. After all, he is a bobcat shifter in a pack of wolves and to further complicated matters he is a gay, bobcat shifter and he has a severe case of lust for the future alpha of the pack, Arsen. But Arsen is an arrangement to marry a female wolf shifter and he isn’t gay. But when Xavier and Arsen find themselves alone at a party, the cravings and desire between them can’t be denied. It doesn’t take each man long to realize that they are destined mates and Arsen isn’t about to let anything or anybody get in the way of claiming his mate for a lifetime.

With raw emotion, temptation and undeniably sexy characters, author Jenika Snow hits all the right notes to create a strong, sensually-charged struggle, intense emotions and chilling tension with plenty of smoking-hot action between two alpha shifters to set the pages on fire. Even with the quick and short format in Lifting Tail for the Alpha, the author skillfully demonstrates her ability to build the story with enough imagery and drama to grab the reader’s attention and give them a story that touches their heart and reaches within to make them really care about the characters and their relationship. I almost felt like I was holding my breath and with each page I read I found myself falling deeper and deeper into the story.

Arsen is a true alpha in his actions and demeanor, he knows that one day he will rule his pack and he displays quite easily that he isn’t about to take crap from anyone nor is he willing to give up what is his. And if Arsen is an alpha, that sure doesn’t make Xavier his submissive since in his own right Xavier is an alpha as well but together they are both strong enough that they will let their desire and needs free to enjoy their bond. Readers will savor and thrill to read about Xavier and Arsen’s evening of seductive desires and mate claiming and will have them wishing the story would never end.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon