Gargoyle’s Embrace
Lisa Carlisle
Paranormal Romance
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 978-1-41994-895-4
November 2013

Tracy found herself in a dangerous situation. But before things got out of hand, she was saved by Danton. The attraction between them cannot be controlled, and they have several steamy sexual encounters. She is not sure that they will be able to have a lasting relationship. Will she have a change of heart before time runs out and she loses him forever?

I enjoyed this paranormal romance story. This is a fast-paced story that is filled with action and a couple of blazing hot sexual encounters between the two main characters. I liked Tracy. She is strong and very intelligent. She has trust issues thanks to her creepy and crazy ex-boyfriend. But deep down she knows that Danton would never hurt her. I also liked her inner monologue, especially when it came to what she thought about Danton. I liked the gorgeous Danton too. He is strong, protective and simply adorable. I loved the way he was more than willing to fight her battles, but when danger found her, he let her fight the person — if you can call him a person — who wanted to hurt her. The love scenes between them are melting hot. This story contains very explicit love scenes and language.

Overall rating: 312hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Janie Esparza