Blackmailed into the Billionaire’s Bed
Jan Bowles
Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-62740-992-6
December 2013

Working for the legendary Mac Buchanan was a dream come true. But never in her wildest dreams would Kendall ever believe the nightmare that forced her to steal a million dollars from Mac. Her best friend Ashley has been kidnapped by a sadistic mad man and in order to keep her alive, she must pay. She wrongly believes that she can cover her tracks until Ashely is returned safely.

Mac Buchanan is a self-made business man who has succeeds by using ruthless determination, skill and drive. He rules his empire with an iron fist and there isn’t anything that gets past him. Known for his dominant nature and desires, the sexy and compelling man knows exactly who he wants and his new financial controller, Kendall van Heusen is it. But before he can’t act on his desire, he uncovers Kendall’s deception and the missing million dollars she took from Buchanan Enterprises. He gives her a choice either he turns her over to the police or she becomes his personal sex slave until her debt is paid.

Author Jan Bowles provides the perfect escape in Blackmailed into the Billionaire’s Bed with its compelling fast pace, heated action and intriguing and unforgettable characters. Ms. Bowles’ style of writing just seems to smoothly flow and her way with words just keeps the reader irresistibly drawn to the story of Mac and Kendall. The sexually-charged chemistry between Mac and Kendall right from their very first meeting is primitive and explosive and seems to jump off the pages.

With the vivid characterization, the author makes Mac and Kendall really come to life furthering the reader’s enjoyment of the story. Mac is an intimating and forceful man who has had to fight for everything in his life. He doesn’t trust many and taking advantage or stealing from him without consequences isn’t about to happen. Ms. Bowles handles Mac’s character perfectly, displaying his anger but never letting it overshadow his sexual attraction towards Kendall and his need to dominate her no matter if she is a thief or not. But there are glimpses where the ruthless tycoon’s personality softens towards Kendall and the lines between sexual punishment for a crime and their mutual sexual pleasure become blurred which seems to make Mac’s character endearing and captivating. It’s very easy for the reader to empathize with Kendall and her plight as well as to enjoy her sexual surrender with Mac and the bumpy ride along the way. Kendall is secure in her femininity and under normal circumstances she would love the time spent with her sexy boss and his demands but with her friend’s life on the line her life is crumbling. The sex between Mac and Kendall is smoking hot, the dialogue perfectly pitched and realistic which all seems to enhance the storyline. The smart and romantic ending will thrill the romantic lover in us all.

Overall rating: 412hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon