Aspen Shift
Lindsay K McFerrin
Paranormal romance
The Wild Rose Press
ISBN: 9781612179537
December 2013

We begin this story with Alix resting on top of a boulder during a hike up a trail somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Alix is new to the area, having just moved from Paris to Aspen, Colorado for her job as the wine specialist at a resort. Of course, she isn’t really dressed appropriately. She’s in shorts and the sky has turned gray and it looks like it’s about to snow. She gets back up to hike down the mountain when she falls, hits her head and is now unconscious in the snow. Meanwhile, in a fancy house nearby, Kynan is agitated though he isn’t certain why. Suddenly, he knows why and he takes off into the snow. Alix is now being rescued by rangers and the two hikers who found her. The hikers both swear there was a large, black dog curled up around her, protecting her. When she comes to, she has no idea what they are referring to. She doesn’t have a dog!

All right, about a week later, Kynan is still feeling she’s in danger. He finds out what she does and where she works so he goes to the restaurant for dinner, asking for the wine steward. She’s at his table immediately and not only does she suggest a great wine, the two flirt and he gives her his business card to, you know, call him. Alix lives in part of the resort and as she’s walking home that night there’s a man who is about to attack her. She’s saved by a large black dog! Of course, our girl is a little freaked out. Okay, a lot freaked out, especially when she watches the dog shift into a human man! The next day, convinced she’s lost her mind and spends too much time alone, she calls Kynan asking if he wants to show her around. Of course he does!

So, Kynan is the black dog who shifts. The story refers to him as a Cynan-Shifter, which I’ve never heard before so I had to look it up…Cynan is Welsh and means chief. So, uh, Kynan is a Chief shifter? I was a little confused by the whole dog shifting thing, but mostly because he had no problem telling Alix all about it, even before any smexy time! Sigh. All right, this is a a quick read. But it seems to have it all, suspense, romance and even a little violence. I can honestly say I could have sworn it was part of a series but apparently it isn’t. That is the most disappointing part for me, this Aspen Universe Ms. McFerrin created is pretty cool and I would have wanted to revisit it!

Overall rating: 312hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.