Amore and Pinot Grigio
Veronica Bell
Contemporary romance
ISBN: 978-1-62740-498-3
December 2013

This is the first of the Guido la Vespa Series. The story begins with Sigrid riding her pink Vespa, Guido. Yes, she really named her pink Vespa Guido. Yes, I’m smirking. Anyway, she’s trying to find a place to park Guido so she can look for a cat. She had followed a limping cat to a restaurant in Rome and she wanted to catch it and get it assistance. She does manage to catch the kitty, but then also gets caught by an owner of the restaurant she semi broke into to get said cat. Alessandro Totti, or Sandro, and his family own and run the restaurant the cat had run to. None of them could catch the cat and suddenly this woman breaks in and is able to catch it. Sigh. Okay, here’s some of the couple’s information. Sigrid is Sigrid O’Herlihy, a (Norwegian-Irish) Canadian in Rome for a three month vacation. She’s on that vacation because a few days before her wedding she walked in on her fiancé being up close and personal with another woman. Sandro is completely over relationships and love since the woman he was about to propose to dumped him for one of his childhood friends because that friend had more money. Basically, until this moment, Sigrid and Sandro had bad luck with relationships.

All right, So the two of them take the cat, who Sandro named Pinot Grigio, to a twenty-four hour emergency vet. They get Pinto taken care of for the night, Sandro hands Sigrid a pamphlet for a no-kill shelter near the Pantheon and they go pack to the restaurant. This is not her modus operandi, but the two of them have scorching, hot, incredible sex. He shows her what she’s been missing as far as having a man see to her pleasure. Nice. At this point he’s kind of a jerk otherwise and they part ways. She begins volunteering at the shelter, which is something she does at home too, and tries not to think about Sandro and what the two of them did together. Meanwhile, Sandro cannot stop thinking about Sigrid. He’s testy to everyone at the restaurant, hates that he now sees animals everywhere but he can’t think of a way to keep his pride but see her again. His father, Giuseppe, comes back to Rome because of a problem with their security system which Sigrid accidentally broke when she was rescuing Pinot. Sandro finds her at the shelter and convinces her to come to the restaurant to apologize to his father in person.

Giuseppe and Sigrid got on like gangbusters! It was great because the two of them love animals and try to do anything they can to help them. Between Giuseppe and Sandro they manage to convince Sigrid to spend Christmas with their family in Tuscany. The two of them decide, without his father there, to have a red-hot, smoking, no strings affair until she leaves at the end of January. They have tons of Roman sight-seeing, lots and lots of smexy time and even manage to work at the shelter together! You know, I wasn’t sure I would like this book, and I was right. I didn’t like it. I loved it! I loved that Sigrid really is the ‘Cat Whisperer’ and works hard taking care of cats and doing work at no-kill shelters. I loved all the changes Sandro went through from having Sigrid in his life. This is a Christmas story, but it is more than that. This story truly is magical! I am almost desperate to read the second book of the Guido la Vespa Series!

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Very Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.