Unexpected Pleasure
Melody Snow Monroe
Contemporary romance
Siren Publishing
ISBN: 978-1062741-033-5
December 2014

Sarah Jacobsen was kidnapped in Bodyguards of Pleasure Book 8 at which time Mason Sax and Liam Richland, operatives for the The Elite Detective Services, were assigned to protect her. Flash forward a few months and Max and Liam are still worried about Sarah since rumors that the man who kidnapped her is pulling strings from jail to remove anyone he feels is responsible for his incarceration, with her name among those topping the list. Sarah is still suffering nightmares as she tries to rebuild her life. She is just beginning to trust that Sax and Liam may be really interested in her when the body of her friend and mentor is found next to an alley dumpster. The chaos and terror returns and Liam and Max need to work quickly to keep Sarah safe while trying to show her she can trust them to cherish her and give her a relationship between the three that can work and last.

This series is one of those that you hope never ends. While the characters are reappearing, as a whole the plots give individual stories. This is book eleven in the series, but could easily be read as a stand alone as Ms. Monroe takes the time to enter enough details of previous events so that you do not become confused. I came upon this series at the half way mark and have been trying to catch up. I have yet to find any of the books to be boring or a rehash of another. Melody Snow Monroe has constructed characters that are multidimensional. If you are looking for a sweet teenage type romance this is not the series for you. But if you like to make your heart race and your temperature rise for spicy love scenes then pick up your copy of Unexpected Pleasure. Be warned, it packs quite a punch. You will be left craving more and lucky for you, there is more to be had. I loved this installment of the Pleasure, Montana series and hope for many more.

Overall Rating: 5hearts
Sensual Rating: Explicit
Reviewer: DelAnne