The Strong, Silent Type
Lynn Kellan
Contemporary romance
The Wild Rose Press
ISBN # 9781628300048
November 2013

We begin this story with our heroine, Tina Hudson, ogling the plumber under the kitchen sink at her friend Austin’s house. She’s been bringing up bottles of champagne in exchange for some truffle oil. She wants to try something new and has decided to cook. Instead of just handing over the oil, Austin pours her a glass of eggnog that is more booze than anything else. Austin’s kind of a sleaze… but that’s my opinion. Regardless of that, he wanted to see her because his company is looking for someone to fill a sales position that requires a lot of traveling. She’s more than okay with that since her husband died two years before and she’s still emotionally destroyed by it. Tina’s a young widow but isn’t sure she’s ready to date again. It turns out that the plumber is her neighbor Wade. He’s a big, tall, mostly quiet man who leaves roses in her mailbox and takes care of the snow in her drive. He also has tremendous scars across half his face and he almost never smiles, so he tends to scare people. Wade happens to show up almost every time Tina is having a crisis of some kind. Whenever she’s stressed or scared she starts to hiccup, which always happens just before he shows.

The two of them actually get to know each other as a result of Tina babysitting her two month old niece and the baby crying uncontrollably. Wade had stopped by with a package left at his place instead of hers, and she enlists him to help. And he does! Not only does he help calm the baby, he’s able to teach Tina how to feed her and simple other things people who are never around babies would know. They also talk to each other, sharing bits of their lives. Tina is so attracted to Wade! Really, he’s good looking, even with the scars, kind, and they are incredible chemistry. They also, unfortunately, have painful histories; her husband who died from brain cancer and his ex-wife who left him for a variety of reasons. Oh, did I mention this story begins the day after Christmas? Everyone is pressuring Tina to go to New Year’s parties…but she is not quite ready. On the other hand, she is starting to have very strong feelings for Wade.

This is an intense story, a good, but intense one. I liked the fact that Ms. Kellan didn’t just sweep the painful things under a rug and just expect us to buy a happily ever after. Tina and Wade worked for it and for a while I didn’t think the story would have one! While this isn’t quite a Christmas story, it is certainly a holiday one. I laughed, I definitely cried, got all hot and bothered during the smexy time and ended with a smile on my face while I was hugging myself. This is a good story, just be ready with some tissues and someone to snuggle with (like I did with my cat)! I have not ready anything else by this author, but now I have to go find her other books!

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.