The Claiming
Sam Crescent
Contemporary romance
Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77130-670-6
December 2013

Tom Snow was preparing to return home when a scent from the bus platform drew him. His mind screamed mate, but he was unsure if was real or was it just desperation. He needed to find a mate for his pack before his thirty-fifth birthday or become a wolf forever. Failure to find his mate also condemns his five brothers to the same fate. Allowing instinct to take over when Kitty Evans tries to walk away from him, he grabs her and kisses her into unconsciousness. When he arrives home his brothers, Roy, Stewart, Mark, Joey and Guy are unsure if Kitty is their mate and know the final decision is up to her. With the full moon just two weeks away, time is running out. Can the men convenience Kitty to accept them all as mates? Will fear make her run away? Can Tom accept that his decision to claim Kitty is right and not an act of desperation? Can he follow the rules of The Claiming? Can Kitty?
“The Claiming” is a short novella packed with action from the very beginning. Ms. Crescent takes the time to build the relationship between the characters instead of relying on the erotic elements to carry the story as some erotic authors do. Same Crescent does give us a hot, bone melting love scene. It leaves us panting for more. The evil part of the book is that we need to wait for the next novella to learn what happens next. I am looking forward to its release to learn more of Roy and Kitty’s bonding time. This is a great novella for a little mid-day break in the routine.

Overall Rating: 4hearts
Sensual Level: Explicit
Reviewer: DelAnne