Sexual Healing
Shawn Bailey
Contemporary romance
December 2013

Ezra Benedict has been unlucky in love. He would love to settle down with that one special person but so far he’s only found disappointment and mistrust in his relationships. Given the opportunity to relocate to Japan to work as a travel photographer, he eagerly accepts the job. His first assignment is a photo shoot with gorgeous model Mayo Chiyo. He’s instantly drawn to her and has a difficult time hiding his desire. What puzzles him more is that he’s gay and has zero sexual interest in women. He’s also been impotent for a year, yet things are suddenly looking quite promising. Maya senses Ezra’s interest and flirts shamelessly. Dressed as a geisha, he totally looks the part. Having a bit of fun, Maya is surprised when Ezra shows up at his college looking for him. Having learned Maya is actually a man, he’s adamant on getting to know him better. The heart wants what the heart wants.

A very easy to read sweet love story simply written with likeable characters. It definitely reads like a modern day fairy tale so I was expecting a happy ending. The main characters meet during a photo shoot when sparks start to fly. Even though I had a sense of where the story was going early on it was nicely paced and held my interest. I loved the setting and all the descriptive images were clearly endearing to the story. This one is pretty angst free but having read a few of the author’s books, she tends to write happy love stories. All in all, it was a decent story. If you like a sweet romantic read with a little spice you will like this one.

Overall rating: 3hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit