Much Ado About Jack
Christy English
Historical romance
February 2014

After losing her husband, Angelique Beauchamp, the Countess of Devereaux, is adamant that she will never marry
again. Not having the best of luck in the game of love, she guards her heart very carefully. She’s indulged in short-term, illicit affairs and that’s been enough until she meets sinfully sexy Captain James Montgomery. The dashing sea captain is completely captivated with the lovely Countess. She is equally enamored but will only consent to a temporary arrangement. What evolves from there surprises them both.

Third in the Shakespeare In Love series, this book centers around Angelique Beauchamp, formerly the mistress in “How to Tame A Willful Wife”. Some of the other characters from the first two books are also featured and are excellent in their supporting roles. Simply put, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Angelique’s story. She is one remarkable lady who fulfilled her role as the heroine admirably. I liked how the author wrote all the female characters as strong-willed women who could take care of themselves in any situation. Given the time period, it was hard for any woman to be her own person and risk ridicule from their peers. It’s beautifully executed and I was enchanted from the start. This is how a romance should be written, although it played out like a well choreographed dance between the countess and her sea captain. Their romance is delicious with very titillating sex scenes. If the romance wasn’t enough, there’s drama, intrigue and well-placed humor to make this an outstanding read. I know you will enjoy this sophisticated story as much as I did.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Beverly