Zombies Don’t Know When To Knock
Ashlynn Monroe
Changeling Press
Sci Fi Romance
ISBN: 06677-02148
November 2013

A zombie infested apocalypse is bad enough but when Emily has to fight for her life, that’s when things really start to heat up. It becomes almost too much for her to bear when she is challenged to save her sister too.

Two hot young men come to Emily’s rescue as they try to seek shelter from the infestation. Given their extreme circumstance, Emily thanks them for their help the best way she knows how, using her body to do it. Now that they found the comfort and security of each other, they are driven by the loneliness and fear of this new world. Happy to still be alive when others have perished, sexual salvation takes over and passion gives them renewed energy to go on.

Ashlynn Monroe creates a horrific atmosphere in the story that no one wants to ever find themselves. The author reminds us of how human we are in the face of terror and possible extinction of mankind. Human interaction and desire as well as the fight for survival, is a strong emotion that always gives way and helps to keep us together. The storyline is exciting, the passion is hot and heavy between all three of the characters and it was a very enjoyable story to ready.

Rating: 4hearts
Sensuality: Explicit
Reviewer: Catherine Anderson