The Witch Who Cried Wolf (Cry Wolf Series # 1)
Sarah Mäkelä
Paranormal romance
Kissa Press LLC
ISBN: 9780991046911
December 2013

This story begins with Mia going to her friend’s shop. It’s one of those new age kind of shops. Her friend, Jessa, is a witch and is training our girl Mia to use her powers. Mia is quietly a witch, no one else knows about her, not even her family. Sigh. While she’s in the shop a very tall, hunk of a man comes in. Apparently he needs a healing potion for ‘a friend’. Jessa tells him Mia will make it, surprising both of them. After all of the drama, Mia’s brother Nolan calls telling her to pick up his best friend Ethan at the airport the next day. Mia makes the potion, leaves it for the man who makes her nervous, and scurries home. She goes to the airport to pick up the man she’s been crushing on her whole life. Ethan sees her and is shocked Nolan isn’t there. Apparently Nolan had fought with him many years before telling him to not get involved with Mia. He’s been gone for some time and is shocked at how much more beautiful Mia has become. How is he supposed to stay away from her?

As they were walking to her car, she realizes there’s something wrong. Before she can do any real magical prep, they are attacked by a wolf. A large animal that she recognizes as a werewolf. Ethan just thinks it’s a large dog. They fight it off, but not before Ethan gets clawed up. At this point poor Mia is not only freaked out, she has to explain what and how she managed to fight with fireballs! I loved the fireballs by the way. He doesn’t really believe her at first, then he sort of does, but realizes no one in her family has a clue about this side of her. She tries using her healing potion on him hoping he won’t be changing into a wolf, then when his eyes change in the light she knows she failed. The big guy from Jessa’s shop finds her late at night at a fast food joint and basically tells her to make more of the potion, ready by Christmas Eve around six or seven in the evening or he will kill her friend and her family. Oh, and he changed Ethan on purpose. Nice.

This is the first story from the Cry Wolf Series. Every chapter of this story is told in an alternating point of view, one from Mia and the next from Ethan. I loved how Ethan really didn’t know what was going on wolf wise with himself but was going through all the mating urges a shape-shifting wolf would in regards to his mate Mia. I loved how afraid of her own power Mia is, and how the situation with the wolf makes her grow into it with confidence. Her boyfriend Greg is a jerk, I would use other words to describe him but am refraining to protect your sensitivities, and it was great the way Mia and eventually Ethan and Nolan dealt with him. Ms. Mäkelä has given us a wild and romantic story with plenty of suspense, magic and surprises to keep us enthralled. I can’t wait to read what she will give us in the next book!

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.