Sex After Death
Alice Gaines
Paranormal romance
Changeling Press
ISBN: 06659-02142
November 2013

Katy comes across a unique gift for a bridal shower she is going to attend. A statue of a well-endowed man catches her attention so she decides to pay for it and bring it home for a better inspection. Originally purchased as a gag gift for her friend, she realizes that it is more than a joke when a curse comes attached with it.

Sex After Death is a sensual story about a woman who took a chance against a curse to see if she could make a difference. At first, the story seems almost unbelievable but when she starts to see changes in the statue she has no choice but to believe the incredible story told to her by the store keeper. The promise of erotic love making was not the only thing driving Katy to succeed in finding answers to break the curse. Her lonely heart wanted a companion and like all of us, the journey to true love is not easy.

This is a great paranormal story of compassion and lust. I love how the characters compliment each other. The dialogue is entertaining and the setting is in any typical city. I enjoyed how Alice Gaines put the story together in an intelligent and enjoyable manner and how she took a simple idea and made it into a compelling story.

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Catherine Anderson