Must Love Dukes
Elizabeth Michels
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4022-8599-8
February 2014

Lillian Phillips leaves her quiet, peaceful life in the country in a desperate move to recover her deceased father’s watch. To her amazement, it also leads to a night she will never forget, that will not only haunt her dreams but turn into a nightmare. Her one night of desperation, unfortunately, leaves her in some major hot water as she ends up being blackmailed by the Mad Duke of Thornwood.

Devon Grey, better known as the Mad Duke, has finally found the intoxicating girl that swept into his life a year ago, and swept out of his bedchamber with his new watch. Now he is determined to exact his revenge in a series daring games that best exhibits her skills of thievery.

I am really sad that this story had to come to an end. I loved it from the first page. Lillian and Devon, were so entertaining at times with their banter and scheming. Ms. Michels brought all the characters to life with her colorful descriptions. Lillian is strong and courageous, but at the same time she has an innocence about her. She has always been ruled by the men in her life, to the point that it has nearly broken her. And Devon, who has given up on being anything but the Mad Duke, until the two of them meet, and he discovers life can offer so much more. This was a thrill ride, all the ups and downs, arguments and suitors kept me turning the pages, anxiously waiting on what will happen next. I found myself hoping these two could find a way to be together even though everything was against them. I cannot wait to read the next book by Ms. Michels. I highly recommend this one to anyone looking for a fun, exciting story.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Very Sensual
Reviewer: Sandra