Susan Nolan
Young adult
Evernight Teen
ISBN: 978-1-77130-638-6
November 2013

Kit and Richard St. James are an unlikely pair. In high school, with all the social groups teenagers categorize themselves, you would never think that their paths would cross. When they are unexpectedly paired together in their music class, Kit and Richard find out they have much more in common than they realize.

Incarnation is a sweet teen story about two hearts that meet each other under odd circumstances. The paranormal nature of the story comes through when you find out the secret they both share. An unlikely friendship develops between them, which brings out the strong personalities of the characters. Incarnation has the feel of a coming of age theme in the face of adversity. It is written in a contemporary setting of a high school, with all the nuances of teachers, homework and all the frustrations of learning. Susan Nolan captures the difficulties of the teenage experience and brings the story to life. When you add teenage problems of trying to fit into a social class, you can see where the main characters are challenged.

The prologue at the beginning resembling the witch trials was convincing, but not enough to bring the essence of an incarnation, as the title portrays, to the rest of the story. The story was well written and heavy on the shape shifting theme, but I liked the characters and how well they helped each other and worked together. The author was able to show the jealousy that normally occurs between young high school girls but was also able to put a positive spin on it. It was refreshing to see how Richard, a cool and socially popular kid, was able to make a genuine friend in Kit, the awkward and less popular kid, and that is always good to see in young adult fiction.

Overall rating: 2hearts
Sensuality rating: Sweet
Reviewer: Catherine Anderson