Serendipity Kit
Connie Bailey
Contemporary romance
Dreamspinner Press
September 2013

Kit Britten lives the easy life thanks to his parents’ money. When he’s not participating in his active social life, he does find time to help his sister at her shop. While running an errand for her, his Ferrari stalls in a bad part of town. Mechanic Romy O’Keefe comes to his rescue. Despite their differences, the men decide to take things slow and gradually get to know each other. Coming from different backgrounds is the least of their problems when Kit’s father finds out he’s gay. After being disowned Kit, has to live in the real world with Romy. Adjusting to his new life has its ups and downs for sure. When Romy’s family suffers a setback coupled with Kit’s meddling ex, Kit doesn’t let it faze him at all. He adores Romy and their life together, nothing will ever be better than that.

This was a very likeable, easy-to-read story. Kit and Romy are adorable together, the chemistry between them working overtime. The whole opposite attracts thing is truly defined here, Kit comes from money while Romy was raised poor in a single parent home. He learned early that hard work would be his only avenue to success. Even with the differences, you feel the connection and that’s what moves the story along. I enjoyed following their journey to love, along with the very interesting supporting characters within both families. I thought the flow was a bit awkward in the beginning, causing me to reread some passages. Other than that it’s quite an enjoyable read. Light on the drama and angst, heavy on the love and romance, should be the tag line for this book. The best is saved for last with a well-written ending and an even better epilogue. My overall impression is favorable.

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Beverly