Against All Odds (Shifters Book 1)
Sam Crescent
Paranormal romance
Evernight Publishing
October 2013

Heather Howard grew up knowing about the shifter community after all her best friend Dana Ashton and her entire extended family are panther shifters. When Heather attends an Ashton family Bar-B-Que Dana introduces her to the man she is interested in, a tiger shifter named Benjamin Bryce. Ben is thrown for a loop. In his forty years he has never looked for or wanted a mate and suddenly she is there, Dana’s best friend, Heather. His tiger is pulling at him to claim her, but he senses that Heather wants nothing to do with him. Dana is like a sister to her and she will do nothing to hurt her even if she is drawn to him. When Heather rejects Ben his tiger lashes out and severely injures her leaving her fighting for his life as he fights to control his tiger. Now he must prove to her he has control and she is his mate, but Heather is afraid of him and doesn’t trust him. Ben is in for the fight of his life. Can he win her back?
Sam Crescent takes her time building this story and the characters. They are all well rounded and very believable. You will feel their emotions and share their hopes. Against All Odds is only the first in this new series but like me you will be avidly awaiting any and all future offerings. I want to know Dana’s future as well as Felix’s. I want to get to know more about Malcolm and all the other shifters. You like myself will be drawn into Sam Crescent new reality and will it be fun. Thank you for such a great read.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: DelAnne