Hazel Gower
Sci-fi romance
Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77130-522-8
August 2013

The Inteli, a warrior race of aliens, find themselves facing extinction within the next thousand years if something isn’t done quickly to produce offspring. Inteli scientists have deemed that Earth women are not only compatible with the Inteli genetic make-up but that they can produce many offspring. The warrior king, Danickra finds the perfect candidate to be his mate in Opal who he abducts and takes aboard his ship. But not everyone within the Inteli race wants the humans to live amongst them and danger and betrayal threaten the forming bond between Danickra and Opal.

Opal’s day couldn’t get any worse. Or could it? Not only was she betrayed by her boyfriend but now she finds herself kidnapped from her planet and taken aboard a space ship but she is expected to mate with an alien, he might be a sexy alien that set her heart on fire he is still an alien. But does it really matter?

I really have to admit that I am not a sci-fi romance fan but I am a huge Hazel Gower follower so I decided to take a chance and read her latest sci-fi romance Savior and I delightfully pleased that I did. This magical author’s imagination really knows no limits and her often outrageous sense of humor can’t be beat for heart and entertainment. This story is brimming over with heart-pounding escapades and heated sensuality, danger, rife with emotions and populated with intriguing and thrilling characters that the reader will want to keep this book handy to re-read often.

The first book in this exciting new series sets the tone and circumstances for the reader leading them along page by page. For this the reader has a better understanding of the characters as well as their plight that has brought them to this point in time along with the fiery and passionate bond and mating between Danickra and Opal. Warrior Danickra is controlling, sexy and lethal alien who is literally thrown for a loop with his attraction for the sassy, delicate and voluptuous beauty Opal. Their mating and bonding is charged with sexuality, conflicts and intense emotions along with some absolutely hilarious and wicked moments. Watching Opal find her strength, tenacity and shrewdness to prove to her mate as well as his people that she is strong enough to hold the title of Queen and protect the Inteli from treachery that abounds is enjoyable. The secondary characters compliment and work wonderfully to enhance each scene as well as the hero and heroine. The ending is absolutely divine and Ms. Gower teases and entices the reader with what’s next in this series to wet their craving for more.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon