Burn on the Western Slope
Angela Smith
Romantic suspense
Crimson Romance
ISBN: 1-4405-7035-3
July 2013

Reagan Dawn McKinney left her boyfriend, her job and was deep in debt until the death of a rich uncle leaves her money and a condo. She wants to learn more about this mysterious uncle. After living with a boyfriend, in a loveless relationship, she plans to change her life. Garret Chambers has taken a leave from FBI work, after an incident, one hard to forget. When an assignment comes his way, his boss urges him to use the rest of his vacation time to get close to Reagan, and keep a constant eye on her. She is likely to lead them to some men they are investigating. Reagan believes living in the condo will be a good change for her but meeting Garret was unexpected, especially when she finds her heart truly melting for him. The more Garret furthers into this investigation, he sees Reagan more of an attraction than an assignment. If the two can leave their past behind them, they might have a chance but once she learns the truth about him, it may seriously be over.

Burn on the Western Slope is a delightful read. It has just the right amount of romance, chemistry, and mystery to keep the reader on their toes. Reagan and Garret both suffering a bout in their life made the story even more interesting as they tried to overcome their problems. The pain can almost be shared with the reader when each dwell on their past experiences. Angela Smith has a way of telling the story so the audience can get in touch with the characters. The interaction between the players allows them to be more lifelike and able to relate to the reader. This book is entirely entertaining from the first to the last, and definitely intriguing for this reader.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality Rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Linda L