Cara Bristol
Sci-fi romance
Loose Id Publishing
ISBN: 9781623005313
October 2013

Commander Dak, a ruling Alpha of the planet Parseon, knows it’s time to assure his legacy lives of with his heirs. He purchases a breeder slave, Omra, who will be the woman to bear his son before he passes her off to his beta to help with household chores and to take care of his sexual needs. On Parseon, women are kept for breeding purposes only. They have no rights, only men have the right and the ruling Alpha’s word is law.

Right from the beginning, Dak is intrigued by the lovely and caring Omra. His desire, love and the sexual satisfaction he finds in her arms has him questioning how something that feels so right could, according to the protocol and traditions of Parseon, be so wrong. There are ruling forces who don’t want tradition to be changed and they will go to great lengths to stop Dak and take the one thing he holds dear, Omra.

I will freely admit that when it comes to sci-fi romances, count me out. With that said, I am a huge fan of author Cara Bristol so I decided to step out of my reading element or comfort zone and take a walk on the wild side with her latest release, Breeders. I for one am glad I did. This fierce tale of forbidden love, danger and raging passion that absolutely captivate.

In this new series, come visit a fictional world where woman have no rights, they exist to breed, there is no pleasure between a man and a woman and the act of copulation is viewed as something necessary for heirs to enjoy the breeder is considered a dishonor by the Alpha. Ms. Bristol takes the time to fully develop the Plant Parseon, it customs and laws as well as the different characters within the story so well that really little imagination is needed to be able to picture each scene as it unfolds. The sexual tension between Dak and Omra is off the charts, holding the reader’s attention with its spellbinding clarity and heat. As a hero, Dak doesn’t disappoint as he tries to do what’s best for Omra, his people as well as himself while his beliefs and the traditions and policies he has known and sworn to uphold cause him not only to question everything his world. Omra’s determination, compassion and vulnerability allow the reader to empathize with her plight; savor her happiness and wallow in her despair throughout the storyline. The sex is smoking hot, playful, tender and imaginative as the lovers can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves as they spiral towards the discovery of their feelings and passions. The treachery and deceit that Dak and Omra must overcome will have the reader on edge with every turn of the page.

Ms. Bristol has truly created an absolutely delightful story that will have the reader clamoring for more!

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon