A Familiar Sin
Jessica Coulter Smith
Paranormal romance
Changeling Press
BIN: 06539-02103
August 2013

This story begins with Seaton outside a cabin waiting for two other trackers. He is one of the wolves sent by their alpha to find and rescue the kidnapped daughter of his friend Ely. When the others arrive, they execute the rescue. Seaton goes to the woman and unties her. After introductions of sorts, he finds out her name is Bellamy. They can’t get her out of the cabin as easily as he thought since her wheelchair is in the corner. Yes, wheelchair, our girl Bellamy, Bells to her family, has a hard time walking due to an accident with a drunk driver years before. Okay, just so you know, she is from a large family of raven shifters and they are very protective of her. Seaton doesn’t understand why she didn’t just fly away. He’s so attracted to her he doesn’t quite fall over himself to take care of her, but he wants to. Seaton doesn’t understand why he really wants to see her again, yeah she’s beautiful, but he’s never felt that way about any other woman before. Yes, I did just roll my eyes.

Bells knew one of the rescuing wolves is her mate, she just isn’t sure which one. The only thing she is semi-worried about is the family secret not being so secret anymore. Sigh. Bellamy doesn’t shift into a raven like her father and sisters do. In the meantime, Seaton is trying to date her and someone keeps sending her what I would call twisted gifts like roses with their thorns still on. Bells really just likes Seaton. She’s worried he won’t be ok with her animal. She also becomes closer friends with Rio, a younger raven and one of her sister’s friends. She and Seaton do have a romantic date. They have a little smexy time. She knows he’s her mate and he thinks she might be his. Again, rolling my eyes. She decides he should see her animal and waits, shifted, with her father on the front porch. That is when it all hits the fan. Sort of anyway.

Well, Bellamy’s animal is the one animal Seaton just hates. Not knowing it was her with Ely, he just begins a rant against her kind. Wow! Even I sat there in shock. So after he leaves in a rage, her father picks her up and brings her back into the house. She shifts back and while being brokenhearted decides to release him from their mating bond. Seaton is completely distraught by what happened at Bellamy’s and just doesn’t understand what’s going on. Sigh. The two do actually make up for his stupidity and her animal…and of course they all deal with the person sending her the twisted gifts. I have to say this is a great story. Ms. Coulter Smith does an amazing job bringing me into the first book of this series! She did it originally with the Ashton Grove Werewolves series from another publisher and she’s done it again with the Romance in Moonspell series with Changeling Press! I cannot wait for the next books of the series!

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.