Summer’s Bloom
Susan Jaynes
Contemporary romance
Desert Breeze Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61252-333-0
June 2013

Finally finding her only known living relative, Lily Smith is adjusting to her new way of life quite well. However, there is a kink in her plan to all it offers: Andrew O’Connor, the man whom dislikes her cousin.

Andrew O’Connor isn’t above using people to get what he wants and when his enemy’s cousin lands on his doorstep surprising them all, he sees the perfect opportunity to get back what is rightfully his — the family property.

Summer’s Bloom opens with a bit of mystery when Lily and her daughter arrive at the O’Connor property as a surprise for Andrew’s enemy, Traye, the best friend that he believes stole his birth right. From there, the plot gets very intriguing as Andrew sees an opportunity to get Traye out of his life forever by using his own family against him. The dialogue was great, especially between Lily’s daughter and Andrew because she makes him realize that revenge isn’t everything and between her and Lily, there is so much more to life such as love. The sex scenes were steamy and showed the burning attraction of these two very well and also how Lily could melt the ice surrounding Andrew’s heart with her kind words, at least in the moments where he allowed them to. What I liked so much about Lily was that she would do anything to find a stable home, even put up living with an insufferable man that wanted nothing more than destroy her cousin. While with Andrew, I enjoyed that the more time he spent with Lily and her daughter that revenge didn’t seem so important as his love for them both.

Overall, this book was a fantastic read and one I would recommend to fans of revenge and that love can conquer all. However, I do recommend that one does read the first in this series before starting this one as it would definitely make it easier to get to know the secondary characters in Traye and Andrew’s sister, Victoria and why Andrew wants revenge so badly.

Overall Rating: 412hearts
Sensuality Rating: Very Sensual
Reviewer: Bec