Promise Her
Mitzi Pool Bridges
Romantic suspense
The Wild Rose Press
ISBN: 978-1-61217-851-6
March 2013

Being a private investigator is a tough job, especially when the case Lisa Kane is working on becomes complicated with the death of her client and she becomes the prime suspect. Needing help from the man she wants, but who sees her as his little sister, Lisa struggles with her feelings while trying to keep herself alive.

Attorney Douglas Callahan rather likes his bachelor life and can’t see himself settling down anytime soon until a close friend of his family, Lisa, finds herself in need of a lawyer and then finds herself the target of a madman. Struggling to deny his feelings becomes complicated when she moves into his apartment so he can keep her safe and Lisa decides that it’s now or never to see if there could possibly be anything between them.

Opening this book with the murder of Lisa’s client was a brilliant start to it and the plot just kept getting better from there. The dialogue was good between the main characters as well as the secondary characters and revealed how caring and close the Callahan family is and that they’d go to great lengths to keep someone they love safe. Although there was no intimacy in this book, the kissing scenes were smoking hot and illustrated the undeniable attraction Lisa and Douglas had, even when Douglas continued to fight his feelings for the heroine. What I liked so much about Lisa was how much of a fighter she was and her determination to continue as if she wasn’t the prime suspect because if she couldn’t clear her name than she would more than likely end up in jail. While with Douglas I liked how protective of Lisa he was, even when she was being stubborn about not needing to be kept safe.

Promise Her was the first book in this series that I’ve read, although there are others before this one. It is an extremely good book and I would recommend it those romance readers whom love a strong heroine and a hero that would do anything to protect her. However, I also recommend that reading the other books prior to this one in this series to get to know the secondary characters.

Overall Rating: 412hearts
Sensuality Rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Bec