Project Homecoming
Jackie Leigh Allen
Contemporary romance
Desert Breeze Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61252-336-1
June 2013

Suffering from PTSD, Brian O’Neill can’t return to his career as a surgeon when he comes back from Afghanistan. Frustrated by his inability to help people, he settles for helping people in a different way through working for Project Homecoming — helping veterans with disabilities adjust back into life as a civilian.

Nate Rodriguez believes she can do great things for the people that Project Homecoming helps, but the man that she asks to employ her sends her on her merry way without even giving her some consideration. Unfazed by his aloofness, she sets out to land a job there by going behind his back straight to someone that she knows can give her what she wants.

The plot of this book is incredible in showing that many veterans need help when they come home from war in adjusting back into their civilian lives. The dialogue was great, even when Nate and Brian were butting heads in the beginning because Brian wasn’t thrilled about a woman working for Project Homecoming. The sex scenes were good and illustrated the undeniable chemistry that was between these two. What I liked so much about Nate was that she didn’t allow anything to get her down, even when at times she had every right to. While with Brian, I enjoyed how dedicated he was to Project Homecoming and that he would go to great lengths to help those in need.

Overall, Ms. Allen has done a wonderful job penning this novel that tugs at the heartstrings, not just for back stories of Nate and Brian but the veterans in which they’ve dedicated their time to help.

Overall Rating: 4hearts
Sensuality Rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Bec