Hotline Girl
K. Dawn Byrd
Young Adult
Desert Breeze Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61252-334-7
June 2013

Deciding it’s time for a makeover to have a chance with the guy she likes, Abby reinvents herself by getting a new hair-style and new clothes. However, it seems not everyone is impressed with her new look, including her best friend.

Then to make matters worse, her mother wants her to be a counselor to her peers, something she isn’t too keen on, not even if it is anonymously through a chat room. But it seems she doesn’t have a choice in the matter, especially not when her mother is bribing her with the promise of a car.

Hotline Girl is a great tale of the nerdy girl who lands the hottest guy in school while trying to keep her identity as the hotline girl a secret. The plot was well-written and I enjoyed how Abby didn’t let her best friend’s angst towards her makeover spoil her time in getting to know Race. The dialogue was easy-to-follow, and I liked the secondary characters in Race’s girlfriend who was a definite Mean girl.

Now although, this book is classed as sweet in its sensuality, Race and Abby have excellent chemistry that show for a promising future, considering they’re complete opposites with him being the hot jock and her the nerdy girl. What I liked so much about Abby was that even though she wasn’t keen to be a counselor, she gave it her all and excelled in the role. While with Race, I liked that he wasn’t your typical jock and actually gave his attention to those outside of his clique. Otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten to know Abby like he did.

Overall, Ms. Byrd has done a marvelous job of penning this sweet tale of love, religion and how opposites attract and I have to say it is definitely worth a read if you’re into young adult novels.

Overall Rating: 5hearts
Sensuality Rating: Sweet
Reviewer: Bec