Haunted Moon
Yasmine Galenorn
Paranormal romance
Berkley Jove
ISBN: 978-0-515-152814
January 2013

When a sinister otherworldly force begins ransacking cemeteries and stealing the spirits within it, Camille D’Artigo finds herself paired with Bran, a man she knows she can’t trust. Forced to work together and tasked to find and rescue the wife of a member of prominent Fae nobility, Camille finds herself in a little too deep, especially when she and one of her three husbands have to undergo a ritual which involves three very tough challenges.

Out of the three D’Artigo sisters, Camille is my favorite as she’s a good witch with three sexy husbands. From the start, Haunted Moon drew me into the story when close friend and cop, Chase, called Camille for help. The mystery and suspense of what was happening to him had me intrigued and reading right until the end without a break just like most of this author’s books do. The dialogue was well-written and I love the tight relationships Camille has not only with her sisters but her husbands. As the oldest, Camille tends to coddle her sisters while playing referee to two of her husbands because they’re both so dominant and tend to want to be the top dog. The sex scenes were very explicit because with Camille having three husbands it tends to be the more the merrier. What I like so much about Camille is that she will do anything for those she loves, even if it means conquering her fears.

Overall, Ms. Galenorn has done a magnificent job penning this novel and I can’t wait to read more of this series in the future as the D’Artigo sisters offer a great read.

Overall Rating: 412hearts
Sensuality Rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Bec