Enjoy the Silence
L.A. Witt
Contemporary romance
Amber Quill Press
September 2013

Zander Lynch is the lead singer of his band and has all the responsibilities that come with. Having to please adoring fans, promoters and everyone else in between is starting to get on his nerves. What he needs is just a few moments of silence after each show to unwind with no demands on his time. During one of those moments, he clicks with Brad Reece, the newly hired guitar tech for his on/off again boyfriend and lead guitarist Rick. The attraction has always been there for Brad and now Zander feels the same. Unfortunately, Rick is unpredictable and possessive of Zander, and his place in the band.

Will all of this break up a burgeoning relationship let alone kill Brad’s job? It will take more than silence to figure this one out. I love sexy rock star stories and this one authored by L.A. Witt is a nice light-hearted story with likeable characters in a familiar plot. The writing and strength of the characters are what I expect from this author but it still felt a little flat to me. I think the length had a lot to do with it. A few more pages would have fleshed out the story more and given it that zing that seemed to be missing. Although I wasn’t wowed by it, certain parts did hold my interest. The attention to detail in regard to a rock star’s life on the road was very interesting. The author is quite adept at writing sizzling realistic sex scenes so those always merit a positive response.The ending was a little abrupt but at least it was a happy one. All in all a pretty decent read.

Overall rating:312hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Beverly