Collette’s Crusade
Michelle Sutton
Inspiration romance
Desert Breeze Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61252-329-3
June 2013

Collette Bellamont has always wanted to help people, which led her to getting her Master’s degree in Social Work. Unfortunately, even her internship didn’t prepare her for the things she’d be facing on the job. She becomes slightly discouraged after a disastrous first day but her determination to prove to everyone she can do the job grows when she runs into Mark Wilcox, the advisor who tried to dissuade her from pursuing her degree. Their attraction is fierce in spite of their history. The only question is whether their relationship can survive Mark being the marriage counselor for her divorced parents.

The first meeting between these two characters could not have gone worse, but that only makes their eventual relationship that much sweeter. Collette’s decision to complete her Master’s program highlights her caring for others and determination to make a difference in others’ lives, no matter what other people tell her. Those are the traits that draw Mark to her when they meet up at a training session. He admires her for all that she has accomplished and what she wants to do. They complement each other well since he has the same type of caring personality and does what he can to help people, as can be witnessed by his counseling.

This is a sweet story about two people who rely on their relationship with God to help them form a deeper connection with each other when faced with adversity. The secondary characters in the story, mostly Collette’s family and coworkers, really enhance the challenges that an otherwise great relationship must face. The pace of the story is fitting and there are a few unexpected twists that help explain some of Collette’s behavior toward to her parents and only make the story better. All in all, Collette and Mark are a really cute couple and their story is a pleasure to read.

Overall rating: 3hearts
Sensuality rating: Sweet
Reviewer: Karin