Midnight Lover
Mia Petrova
Paranormal Romance
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-840-3
August 2013

Who would have thought that getting lost, especially in the Amazon, was going to be a very good thing? Myra meets Alaric when he rescues her, and the attraction immediately blazes between them. Will she still want him when she learns the truth of what he really is? Or will she ignore the attraction and lose the chance at finding something that is worth fighting for?

I liked this paranormal romance story. This is a fast-paced story that kept me hoping that Alaric and Myra would find a way to make things work out between them. I liked Myra. She’s smart and isn’t a wimp because she doesn’t get scared easily. However, she does seem to have a directional problem which luckily worked in her favor. She trusted Alaric even though he wasn’t human in their first encounter. I liked Alaric too. He is a sexy beast who will do anything to keep her happy and safe. I also liked how protective of her he was because he made sure never to leave her by herself. I think fate played a hand at bringing them together. The love scenes between them are melting hot. This story contains very explicit love scenes and language.

Overall rating: 312hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Janie Esparza