Unmasking the Knight
Terri Lyndie
Historical Romance
September 4, 2013

Our story begins in the Kingdom of Mercia, England during the war. Ranulf is forced into the army at the young age of sixteen, leaving his best friend and love, Gisella, behind. When he returns five years later he wears a mask to hide his scars, believing Gisella will find him hideous. When he finds out that the Druid priest Savarin is forcing Gisella to marry. He decides to make sure she finds a man worthy of her love. Will he find true love really is blind or will he be destined to forever hide behind a mask?

This is such a sweet story. The characters are so well written, that I felt Ranulf’s pain while struggling to stay away from the one he loves and his need to be seen, even as he fights to stay hidden. And Gisella, is so strong and determined, yet vulnerable, all while trying not to be forced into a marriage to someone she does not love. I found myself hoping these two would find there happily ever after. This short little story, has it all, the author manages to build a world that takes the reader back in time it draws the reader in and makes them want to stay there. I loved it and will definitely read more from this author in the future. I strongly recommend this one to anyone who is looking for an excellent historical read.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Sandra VanHooser