Lash (The Skulls, book 1)
Sam Crescent
Contemporary romance
Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77130-580-8
September 2013

There is no way that Angel Marston would have ever imagined that her life would have taken such a drastic turn and that she would be at the mercy of the Skulls, a local biker club that helps keep the town safe but who plays by their own set of rules. She is there because her father owes a debt to the Skulls. A shy and sweet young virgin, Angel doesn’t fit in with the other women in the club and that’s just fine with Lash.

Lash has staked his claim with the club as far as Angel is concerned she is his woman. He will woo her heart and touch her soul as he sets her body on fire. When danger comes to the club Lash must fight for his woman and his family but is Angel strong enough to stand by Lash’s side as his woman.

Readers looking to surrender their heart to a bad boy hero need look no further than smoldering hot and dangerous Lash from the highly talented author Sam Crescent. Lash isn’t a dashing and debonair hero in the romantic sense instead he is a drop-dead sexy, tough, troubled and overbearing alpha with a kind of don’t mess with me attitude and the muscle to back it up. But he knows exactly what he wants in his woman and sweet, virginal and timid Angel is it. Lash and Angel’s relationship isn’t in for an easy ride as the author places both physical and emotional challenges in their path that they must work through which they do quite splendidly. Once Lash makes his move on Angel the reader is in a for a juicy treat as the big, bad tattooed biker overwhelms his lady love’s senses, ignites her passion and touches her heart and soul with his unconventional ways. Ms. Crescent goes above and beyond portraying the two sides of Lash for the reader to be able to understand the business side as well as the tender and loving side of this dangerous man giving the reader a better understanding of his personality. And of course as with any book by Ms. Crescent the sex between the hero and heroine is intense, sensual, and raw and rocks the pages.

Throughout the story Ms. Crescent superbly develops not only Lash, Angel and some of the secondary characters but she also takes the time to develop The Skulls as a biker club; how they live, what they stand for and who they are an unconventional family who care for each other.

Ms. Crescent begins a new and exciting series with bang creating another story for your keeper shelf!

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon