Her Rebound Men
Sam Crescent & Jenika Snow
Contemporary romance
Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77130566-2
September 2013

Getting over a nasty break up, the last thing Kate McAlister needs or wants is a couple of bad boys out to steal her heart, ignite her desires and rock her world. But that’s exactly what she gets with Kev and Nate Miller.

Kev and Nate have issues of their own to contend with. Once the brothers shared everything but after a tragic incident in his past involving a woman, Kev has withdrawn from his brother and buried himself in his work. When Nate issues a challenge: one last time a night of sharing with the luscious Kate between them Kev finds himself agreeing. But will the brother be able to walk away from Kate after just one night with their hearts intact?

When the very talented, distinctive and utterly seductive voices of authors, Sam Crescent and Jenika Snow join forces the result is a delightful and riveting good time, complete with a with a story brimming over with sexually charged and passionate adventure and a heroine and her lovers the reader really wants to get to know and enjoys doing so. There is sensuality and edgy intensity that saturates every line of the story delivering what the reader craves in their reading pleasure: a seductive plot, complete with smoking hot, wiggle-in-your-seat, face red love scenes, and distinctive characters along with a reckless pace that has the reader turning page after page.

Kate, Kev and Nate are well-crafted characters that the authors have crafted with compassion, yet with insecurities that make them relatable and believable, someone the reader can imagine knowing. The lovers create a touching relationship with searing sex with tender and painful emotions that they must come to grips with in order to find their happily-ever-after together. Throughout the story the reader will thrill as Kate shows great improvement in her strength as well as her zest for life and love when Kev and Nate show her that she is desirable, lovable and the only woman for them. Watching Kev and Nate work through their issues and re-discover their brother bond is almost as entertaining as the bond between the brothers and Kate due to the authors taking plenty of time building characters personalities as well as what has shaped them into them men they have become. By added the brother’s parents as well as Kate two best friends as meaningful supportive characters they work superbly to compliment the storyline as well as the main characters giving the reader another facet into the characters personalities. The danger to Kate from her old boyfriend is portrayed realistically with enough menace and hurt to add to the story without wearing it down.

In Her Rebound Men, the authors create erotic tension that draws the reader irresistible into the written world they have created holding them hostage into a story that is sure to be appreciated and enjoyed again and again.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon