Ghost of a Chance
Ari McKay
Paranormal romance
Torquere Press
ISBN: 978-1-61040-598-8
October 2013

Dr. Mason Beaulieu and Dr. Haywood Fortenberry are both investigators of the paranormal but on opposite sides of the spectrum. Mason tries his hardest to discount all things supernatural as he attempts to use science as an explanation, while Haywood is geared towards proving that spirits exist. When the two intellectuals end up working together, they find out that their views aren’t very different after all and their feelings for each other begin to sizzle while solving the mystery of the haunted Wisteria Grove.

Ari McKay writes a believable story that pits two professional men together in intellectual combat to disprove each other’s theories. The feelings that evolve between the two men are heartwarming and you end up falling for the characters as much as they fall for each other. The story is well written and it seems as if the author put a lot of work into the research of the subject.

Ghost of a Chance is a great name for this romance because not only does it touch on what the subject matter is about but it gives subtle hints as to what may be romantically possible between the two main characters. I think that in the heart of everyone, you want to believe there are supernatural beings walking among us and the author has crafted the story in such a way that it could be possible. Throw in attractive men who are experts in their fields and an unexplained phenomenon, why wouldn’t it draw your interest?

Rating: 4hearts
Sensuality: Very sensual
Reviewer: Catherine Anderson